INRADA has world class experience in specifying, installing, maintaining, managing, developing and troubleshooting industrial instrumentation hydraulics, pneumatics and valve control systems.

With extensive experience in the area's of: 

Hydraulic Cargo and Ballast control 
systems, Turret hydraulic systems, Crude and Chemical handling, Propulsion hydraulics, Valve automation and Well control systems. For New Build and Conversions.

Inrada has worked with the largest global players to ensure that their assets stay safe and operational.

Their commitment to the long-term support of their systems is recognized in the industry since the 1950's.

Oil & Gas Service Center of Excellence : Schiedam, the Netherlands

News & Updates

INRADA OIL & GAS made her first delivery of OEM parts to Wärtsilä Propulsion Netherlands B.V. with the original Wärtsilä packaging.

The US Environmental Protection Agency leads the way. A revised 2013 Vessel General Permit (VGP) issued by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), entered into force on December 19th 2013. This affects all commercial vessels over 79 ft (24 m) entering into, or operating within, US waters.


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